Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saving you Time

So you have found the perfect collection of papers and embellishments in the Scrapbook store and you now have them at home and ready to use!  You love the colors and the design on the patterned papers and the embellishments are out of this world cool!  Now you have your scrapbook kit ready to go!  You sit down to begin your project so excited to create and then it happens...

Where do you start? 
How do you begin?

Sometimes our creativity flows so easily and other times we get stuck.  If you have ever designed your own project from start to finish you know that it can takes hours of your precious time.  That is time you could have spent going to the beach, spending with your family or friends, or doing a million other things!

I created Paper Fashions Boutique to save you time!  I do all of the design work, I write the step by step instructions and I insert the photos to make it easy for you!  In fact if you purchase a kit I even save you the time and gas money (or shipping fees) of shopping for the supplies!  Once your project kit arrives you are able to sit down right away and create!  It is already done for you, the choosing, the shopping, the travel time and expense, and the design time! 

I know you are busy and I created Paper Fashions Boutique as a solution for folks who are busy and still want to spend some time in the creative process of scrapbooking.

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